Had Draa Market

  • Bread at the market
  • Butchers at Had Draa
  • Coming back from the market
  • Drinking mint tea between friends
  • Berber gathering

Authentic Berber market, 25 km away from Essaouira, in the countryside


This market is one of the most important of the Moroccan South. Very authentic, it is divided into two big parts: the market of the cattle and the market of foodstuffs and ustensils of the everyday life. To take advantage of the cattle market, it will be necessary for you to be on-the-spot relatively early to attend the steady negotiations among which camels, sheep, donkeys and cows are the object. Also interesting: the load of these animals negotiated in any sorts of vehicles, from carts, trucks, car trunks or the seat of the motorcycle. From the producer to the consumer, certain animals are shot down on the spot and you will soon find them in the stalls of the butchers who are on the market.


In the souk, you will meet the traders and the farmers of the surrounding countryside,  who come there to sell the goods they produce in the region. Stalls overflow then with fruits and vegetables of season, but also clothes (sometimes second-hand), of kitchenware, or cakes making the happiness of your papillae. For most handymen, it is also the opportunity to buy the production of the iron craftsmen and local smiths, such as nails, etc.


On the spot, you will also find big tents which can serve you as stage, where you will taste the traditional mint tea, delicious Moroccan pastries or will eat a meat kebab. Sat on carpets or squat on the floor, the dialogue can begin and give you the opportunity of endless conversations.

It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the tourists of passage to get out of marked out paths and to get involved to the local population, at a moment of sincere sharing.

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